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Ok, I just have one question about chapter 657, did Lewis Caroll and Stanley Cubric have a baby while smoking weed? This has to be one of the trippiest chapters I have ever read. Luffy's a centaur, that's a great way to treat someone you just asked to join your crew, even if it was a joke. Oh my god, the island is half hot and half cold, just like Nami said it would be two chapters ago. Thanks for the spoiler! That thing Usopp saw, was that a dude or a chick (no pun intended)? I think it was a chick, I don't know, I tend to ZOAN out a lot. Cute, though. And then we meet a guy who just can't keep his head together and the crew has fun rearranging his face. Glad to see Paulie is not forgotten. Any excuse to talk about boobs, am I right, guys? So, we now have two of the three, possibly five (if the arms are separate), missing pieces of the body. I bet you the torso is on the cold part of the island. That detached head would make the ultimate Halloween decoration. Oh, but he has a kid. I still think he should market himself as a Halloween decoration. What's next? Ooh, they get shot at by guys wearing corduroy jumpsuits. They run some more, Sanji kicks a door in, and the obvious train is brought to a screeching halt by a nursery full of oversized toddlers....Yeah. I think M. Night Shymalan (I can never spell his name right) might have co-wrote this with Cubric.

Time to dispel theories. Before I left for classes earlier this afternoon, I noticed someone undoing an edit on Trafalgar Law's page, saying it was speculative. After looking back at how the face was disassembled, I can say with 99.9%certainty with a 0.1% margin for error that it is not Law. In fact, I could say with roughly the same degree of certainty that it wasn't him last chapter. Why? Because of the body's behaviors. Yes, Law's victims could still move their detached limbs, but there is one thing they could not do that the talking pair of legs could do, talk, with what I can only suspect are his genitals. So Law is out. I liked the look of that flying chick. Demonic and mysterious. I get the feeling that we're going to get a lesson in mythology soon, either in how the samurai was cut up, or when the flying thing is introduced. I liked how it first appeared. The way it appeared on that chimney, it sort of looked like an ornate headstone at first. Eerily fitting. I think it was Harpie Lady. All I know is this, I do not want to be around when that one giant baby in the corner needs its diaper changed.