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Am I the only one who expected Dragon to show up at Sabaody Archipelago in this chapter? As soon as I saw Perona, I thought "Awesome! Maybe the other characters who had roles during the separation are here too!" Low and behold Heracles, all of Weatheria, the Okamas (whose appearance surprised me cuz I thought they had left), Hancock and the Kuja, and the giant birds all showed up to see the crew off and keep the Marines at bay (those guys are organized, aren't they?). I was kind of expecting Mihawk, then I thought one Shichibukai is enough. But no Dragon. Why? One would think Robin ought to deserve an entourage of revolutionaries escorting her to Sabaody. Was he busy? Did he already have lunch plans with Ivankov? Was he getting his cloak pressed? I feel let down that he didn't show up. When I saw the Marines whose gunpowder was dampened by the rain I thought "Yes! He's here!" but was disappointed to see it was just Weatheria. Am I the only one who thought it would be cool to have Dragon see Luffy off on the second half of his voyage? Unless he appears underwater there's little chance of that happening now, though that would be hilarious.