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Van der Disappointed

I must say, chapter 607 let me down in a couple of ways. I'm glad the crew reached Fishman Island, but nothing more was revealed about Van der Decken. I was hoping the Straw Hats would have a few chapters dealing with him, during which time we'd see his full face and figure, and maybe learn a bit more about him. But instead he gets blown away by the currents and that's the end of it. I was really hoping we would get to see him and his crew, but with the trench destroyed, that seems unlikely. There is a little hope I guess, since he said they were retreating "for now" but I'd like a little bit more hope than that. I was just really looking forward to seeing Oda's depiction of Van der Decken, since there are very few real-life depictions of him, with no consistency one to the other. I don't mean to complain or sound whiney or anything like that. Feel free to agree, disagree, or say otherwise.

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