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I remember a while ago Oda said that Usopp would always be the weakest member of the crew. I was just wondering if that is going to remain the case after the crew has become stronger. Usopp is obviously going to gain some physical strength, the question is how much. Will all the Straw Hats grow proportionally so that Usopp stays the weakest? And if so, how will he compare to a regular human. I just wonder if that idea will remain the way it is. Usopp's strength is supposed to help the readers see a parallel between the One Piece world and the real world. Usopp is an average human, so it is easier for the reader to see just how strong everyone else is. It is almost essentially changing the laws of nature (I'm exaggerating a bit here). Then again, the New World defies the basic laws of nature, so maybe the only way to fight crazy is with more crazy, I don't know, I'm rambling here. What do you guys think?