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Attention all bloggers! For spits and giggles name the three blogs you have written that you are the most proud of. Base it on how you liked writing it and/or how well you think it turned out. Do not base it on the number of comments or anything like that. This is stictly a personal opinion. My three favorites, in no particular order are:

Nami vs. Daruma was without a doubt my best prediction ever. I should have retired after writing that one. The Smiling Man was one of my best analytical pieces ever. And Who Were You, Joy Boy? was one that I had been sitting on for a while, waiting for the right time to make it into a blog, as well as the deepest I've been able to delve into the Void Century, by far my most favorite topic in the story.

So, list yours. Remember, personal preferences only, and only blogs you wrote. Screw what other people think for now. Oh, and hubris is perfectly fine, but keep it under control.