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This will be the last of my three blog series. There's just one more week left before the long anticipated chapter 598. Will it start after the timeskip? Will it follow the crew's training? Only time will tell. I, for one am giddy with excitement. I was not this anxious or jittery for One Piece for the first two weeks of the hiatus. I was completely relaxed yet still had anticipation for the future. I might even call the first half of the hiatus Paradise (chuckles softly). Let the excitement consume you but don't fret, One Piece is just ahead! Soon we will be out of the New World part of this metaphor (if you read my two other blogs you'd get it) and into the new world of One Piece, two years later, in the New World. They say getting there is half the fun, and what is life without a little bit of adventure?

All metaphors and themes aside, there is one thing I would like to take a moment to point out. Over the last few weeks, if you reread some of the different blogs, I feel like we have gotten closer as a community. The blogs touched on some parts of our every day lives that, let's admit it, probably would not have come into conversation otherwise. I just like the idea of people who barely know each other, if at all, and I use that term loosely (I mean we don't even know what anyone looks like, for all you know I look like Ace with my arm on fire), come together and just talk casually about things that don't even have any relation to One Piece. For once we talked about things other than predictions about chapters and characters' pasts. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed that, it made me feel like I was getting to know someone beyond the username, if you get my meaning.

Anyway, back to the first paragraph, I'm starting to become giddy with excitement, how's everyone else feeling about the hiatus being almost over?