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CLOSURE! At last, the conclusion to this series has arrived. Doflamingo has regained consciousness for his post-game interview and analysis. He did not completely disappoint. I know I was betting on a full mental breakdown, but that was assuming he somehow regained consciousness a little faster. Excitement aside, let's start the analysis.

Off the bat, Doflamingo starts off by sort of blaming the Marines, referring to both his loss as king and as Joker. As Tsuru said, Doffy here is grasping at the non-existent straws of "what-if". This tells me he truly has nothing left and is accepting that, but can still dream none the less. Doflamingo is also caught in a moment of reflection, saying he can't compare his heartlessness to that of the Marines. This tells us Doffy was of sound mind throughout the whole ordeal. This also means that Doffy is not (yet at least) placing the blame for his loss solely on himself, if at all. He goes on to justify his position by claiming to have kept the world in order by "reining in" all the truly dangerous people who did business with him. The next part one could argue is his ego stepping in, but at the same time not. I find it interesting that he mentioned the Worst Generation and the Revolutionaries along side the Three Great Powers. This tells me he acknowledges them as true upsets to the balance of power. It also tells me that he saw himself as the chains that held them back, as if he were doing the Marines a favor. He then forecasts the coming cataclysmic throne war. What really grabbed my attention was what he said after he was done with the dramatic monologue. He requested a newspaper every day while in Impel Down. This means that he has completely accepted his fate and has no other plans (for now). In other words, getting his ass completely stomped calmed him down a lot. For whatever reason, I felt his declaration to the World Nobles was a lot more personal than predictive. On a side note, I wonder what put those soldiers on edge? You see them coming in with guns and Tsuru telling them to stand down.

The contrast in Doflamingo's personality is absolutely astounding. Elaborate plans and countermeasures seem to be second nature to him, yet at the same time he could not be more in the moment. He seems perfectly content going to prison. Makes me wonder what will happen should Jack succeed in liberating him. To wrap it do I end this?... Doflamingo's closing the book on a chapter of his life, doing so reluctantly, but peacefully. Let this be a lesson on accepting the changes that happen in your life, and doing so willingly and cooperatively.