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I originally wrote a blog connecting real world events with the creation of the backstory behind the Void Century. You would be reading that, if my dormant activity time hadn't run out. I click post, and it turns out I got logged out. Maybe just write it in Word next time then cut and paste. Anyway, I really don't feel like rewriting it. As I'm sure Clark Gable said in one of his movies "Another night, sweetheart." This time around, I would like to talk about Brownbeard (Ahh, nooooow the title makes sense). I think that he will be a significant player in the New World. I know what you're thinking, Hawkins probably killed him. To that, I ask you, can you prove it? No? Didn't think so. Here's my reason, aside from Brownbeard, who else has had the color+hige formula for their epithet? Marshall D. Teach and Edward Newgate, exactly. I know what you're saying, they haven't done anything too too important. If that is your answer I feel obligated to ask if you are reading One Piece. But I digress. My point is, beard = s#%t's about to go down. With all that Newgate and Teach have done, it's going to be hard for Oda to introduce another character with a hige epithet without expecting big things. In the real world, there have been two Redbeards and a Blackbeard. Of course, you know Blackbeard as Eddy Teach (he lets me call him Eddy). He is the most famous pirate in wesern culture. The two Redbeards, Oruc Reis and Hayreddin Barbarossa, were infamous pirates as well as a Turkish admiral and commander, respectively. Even in the real world, the colorbeards earned their bones. I'm not saying he is going to be Yonkou, but he is going to be a force to be reckoned with. I like Hawkins, so I don't want to see him stomped, but I don't want him to beat Brownbeard beyond hope for a successful pirating career. All I'm saying is don't count him out jut yet. He is going to have a vital role in future events, I can feel it.