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Doing research on the poneglyph language has made me figure out a lot of things and look at things in a lot of different ways. This isn't a research update, for those of you hoping I would drop some breakthroughs. I don't have enough. Pretty much everything except the language as a matter of fact. Thinking about the Void Century, and how the poneglyphs have to be brought together to be understood. Becoming the Pirate King is practically synonymous with figuring out the events of the Void Century. Finding One Piece will usher in a new era, the dawn of a new age. In astrology, they call this this the Age of Aquarius. Some people see it as the end of the world, which is a bit exaggerated. It is simply a shift in how the world views itself. In Christianity, they call this atonement. So back to One Piece. Learning the text on the poneglyphs will lead to a new age of understanding and the people of Earth will never be the same again. And they have to be brought together, atonement, or at-one-ment. The Straw Hat's journey is actually leading up to the age of enlightenment. The end of a journey will mean the end of an era, and the beginning of the age of reason. I think I just found the grand overarching theme of One Piece.