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I'm bored, so while it is 11:14pm CST as I start writing this, I am going to pretend that I am on the east coast and that it is Wednesday. So, what's new? For those of you keeping count, this is the second time I have put a Macbeth reference into the title of a blog during this break, both are even from the same act and scene (damn I'm good!). All hubris aside, I am writing this to check in with everybody. Hopefully, as Black Leg Sanji has put it so delicately in his latest chapter prediction (a must read, by the way), I too am keeping anyone from going too insane, or at least trying. I am doing really well. I spent most of the day going back to college after winter break and unpacking and such. Even better, I don't have class tomorrow, which is good because I need to add another class for more credit hours. However, as content as I am, I am quite certain that the idea of the home stretch, with One Piece being so close yet so far away, will cause mental anguish for some, if not most of you. Well, I am here to minimize that suffering, or at the very least try to run some kind of damage control. I remember this time around the end of the big four week hiatus/timeskip. People were either going crazy from deprivation, anticipation, or both, anticipravity, I think it was called. So, to prevent, curb, or minimize the anguish, tell me, how are you doing? Again, I emplore you, laugh, cry, vent, share, eat a sandwich, play the tuba, the blog is yours.