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Supernova Defeat Order

Now that Bege and Bonney have been neutralized in some way or another, I am going to predict the order the rest of the Supernovas will be killed or otherwise taken out. I just pray Hawkins is next because then I'll know I'm right. I base this on a strong gut feeling and what could be coincidence:

1. Bege: Taken out by the black ball in the sky.

2. Bonney: defeated by Blackbeard, handed over to marines.

The next section is my prediction of their order of defeat:

3. Hawkins

4. Kid (and possibly Killer by extension)

5. Apoo

6. Drake (probably by Kaidou)

7. Urouge

8. Killer (If not taken out with Kid already, idk, there's a chance. Look at Brook and the Rumbar Pirates)

9. Law

That order should look familiar. It's the order in which they were introduced way back in chapter 498. Which is why I think/hope Hawkins will be taken out next. Nothing against him, it's just my gut feeling.

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