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With Sabo making his debut in the anime, it's gotten me thinking again about him and some of the conspiracy theories surrounding his death. While I personally think he bit the dust from Jalmack's bazooka, I'm not here to argue about whether or not he is dead or alive. I'm only going to point out that the dude who showed up at Tequila Wolf that everyone thought was him had red hair, sorry for the blindside jab. There is just something I noticed that I found rather poetic about the whole thing, even though it might be (I just realized) rather bias toward my belief. Ok, he would have to be dead for this to have relevance. Just work with me here.

Sabo wrote in the letter to Ace and Luffy that the sea represents freedom and that he wants to be the freest of all pirates. He met his possible end on the sea. He was free. Isn't death simply another form of freedom? It is total liberation. So, he found his freedom on the sea. I don't know, just something I noticed.

Onto some musings where I play around with Sabo's name. If Stelly wasn't such a conceited noble, I would have liked his name to be Tage, and have a personality similar to Sabo. So it would be Sabo and Tage. Sabotage, get it? Lame, yeah, it gets worse. If Stelly were named Ten, then it would Saboten, cactus. I would have liked for Sabo to have been a D. and have Sabo be his surname. That way it would Sabo D., like Sabaody? Enough lameness already.

Regardless of whether or not I'm thinking about if Sabo is dead or not, I can't get him out of my mind. Maybe because he is the only ten year old I know that can pull off the top hat and duster look. Maybe it's those sweet looking goggles he has around his hat. I don't know, just some stuff I felt like throwing out there.