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I gotta ask, how's everyone doing here? As you have no doubt read on Mangastream, and if you haven't, then brace yourself, Shonen Jump is on break until the second week in January. To make matters worse, One Piece is taking a one week break on top of that, meaning we won't get the next chapter until around January 18 or 19. For those of you who were here during the four week hiatus/timeskip between chapter 597 and chapter 598, this is basically the same thing. Every week, I'll just be checking in on how everyone is handling the One Piece withdrawal. Tell me how you're handling it, what you're doing in the mean time, vent, etc. Think of it as sanity monitoring. In case you're wondering about the title, yes, I will be using a Grand Line theme, with One Piece waiting at the end. I used it before and it worked pretty well. So far I'm doing ok, I haven't gone crazy from I-Gotta-Have-One-Piece-Or-I'll-Die disease, not yet at least. I go back to college in about two weeks, so I should be able to keep myself busy with school. That, and I got a ton of books for Christmas, so I'm going to get started on those (one of them is about the Barbary Corsairs (booyah!), thanks dad). So that's about it for me. Since it's only been about a day since the chapter was supposed to come out, I'm guessing no one's suffering too badly. The pushback of the next chapter probably didn't help anything, though. If the news made you cry or anything like that, feel free to share. Like I said, vent, let us in on a little bit of your life outside the wiki, or just tell me how you're doing being in One Piece withdrawal.