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Am I the only one who gets the feeling that Shirahoshi is going to fall in love with Luffy the same way Hancock did? It seems like that can be the only end result at this point in time. She's going to fall in love with him and he will have to leave shortly thereafter. I think it might turn into something ironic at first. Maybe she'll start threatening Luffy with marriage proposals, and the cycle continues. There are a lot of similarities between Luffy's first encounter with Hancock and his first encounter with Shirahoshi:

  • He impressed both of them with a selfless act, ultimately saving their lives. He covered Marigold's bare back so as not to expose her hoof of the soaring dragon, and he blocked and deflected the axe thrown at Shirahoshi.
  • Both of them have hidden Luffy from guards of some kind by using their bodies in some way. Hancock hid him in her clothes when they entered Impel Down. Shirahoshi hid Luffy in her hand behind her back, covered by her hair. Both ways involved their backs.
  • Both of them also had to lie in order to not blow Luffy's cover. Hancock said that Impel Down was a little warn when Luffy accidently groped her to hide her surprise, and Shirahoshi said it was a nightmare.
  • Both seem to be attracted (I use that word in the loosest possible way) to Luffy by his impulsiveness.
  • Luffy accidently walked in on them uninvited. Well he fell in on Hancock, but same idea. He also walked in on both of them while evading capture of some kind, albeit unknowingly in Shirahoshi's case
  • Both are considered royalty in their respective homelands.
  • Luffy has been in both of their private quarters.
  • At first both of them wanted Luffy to leave.

That's all I can think of. It's still enough similarities to make you wonder. They would make an awkward couple though. Luffy is the size of an action figure in her hand. I also think they have similar eyes. Anyway, will Shirahoshi be yet another woman to pointlessly go after Luffy's heart, or does she know better?