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Let me just say this right now and get it out of the way, I did not hate chapter 506. I thought it was a great chapter showing off lot of new moves. I just have one or two problemes with it, mainly regarding Sanji. First of all, I'm no chemistry major, but last time I checked you couldn't create and maintain heat submerged in freezing cold water. So how did Sanji manage to pull off a subaquatic Diable Jambe? Even if it was hot enough to be maintained for a few seconds, there should have been steam coming off of his leg, which brings me to another point, how the hell did he switch the leg his diable jambe was on? When he is swimming toward the kraken, the right leg is clearly the one that is heated, that is to say, diabled. But, when he makes contact with the kraken, he is clearly using his left leg to kick! I am calling shenanigans on Sanji for switching which leg was subjected to immense friction in sub-zero water and for being able to create and maintain a heat of grilling calibur without running out of oxygen then and there. Some might say I'm being too picky, others might agree with me. To those who disagree, I issue this challenge. Try keeping a flame alive under water, and trying to cook octopus with that flame, and tell me how that works out for you. If you do manage do accomplish either of these, then you clearly are a chemistry major and therefore you should have written this blog, not me. And for those of you who are wondering why i titled this 506 and not 605, my reason is, if the laws of chemistry are backwards then this chapter here will be too.