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I was thinking and became curious about something, does anyone here have a list of articles they check on a regular basis, like as soon as they log on? There are articles here that I always check to make sure that they are speculation free or not incorrectly changed. Most of them are hotspots for speculation or gathering places for the misinformed. The pages I check routinely are:

1. Monkey D. Dragon (in case someone adds that he has wind powers)

2. Nami (To see if someone added a Haki section or changed her bounty after the misprint on her wanted poster)

3. Haki (Making sure everyone that's on there belongs there)

4. Sabo (Check for explanations as to how he could have survived, other "is he really dead?" stuff, etc.)

5. The Eleven Supernovas ( Make sure no one changed Luffy or Zoro's bounties)

6. Bounties (See Nami)

7. Straw Hat Pirates (See Nami)

8. Roronoa Zoro (Haki gets added occasionally)

9. Boa Hancock (With all the Hancock X Luffy stuff going around people have added that she will join the Straw Hats)

10. Jinbe (Make sure Haki isn't added anywhere)

11. Sanji (Haki sometimes gets added because of Diable Jambe)

So, those are the ones I routinely check once I log on. As I look back, I realize I am either very compulsive or there are a lot of characters that can be speculation fodder. I'm sure that I am not the only one who does this, at least I hope I'm not. Does anyone else have a routine check like this?