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Well, I think it's safe to say that in the next chapter some biblical (cuz they're in Noah, get it?) stuff will go down on an even more epic scale. As my dad said once when I was little, "S%#t is gonna be in ruins by the time this is over." That was the best birthday party ever. Ok, he never actually said anything like that, but it was a good laugh and I needed a lead-in. We got an alliance between the oceanic equivalent of Barry Bonds (for those of you who follow American baseball, if not, Wikipedia) and a guy who looks like Gedatsu's fishman cousin (it's the hair). After I read the chapter, all I could think was "There is no way that this can end pleasantly...for anyone." I don't think Shirley even needed the prediction for us to see that Fishman Island would be razed like a house of cards in an earthquake. Let's see what we're dealing with, our starting lineup is: 6 different species of sharks, the most agressive of which is on the juice and the creepiest of which has a hobby of stalking royalty by playing darts blindfolded. A giant tiger blowfish fishman who could potentially rival Sanjuan Wolf in size (maybe a head shorter). A daggertooth pike conger with a helluva grudge against the Straw Hat 9 (ooh, a baseball motif, GREAT!), and a poisonous octopus who is a strong fighter by Luffy's standards (please join the crew, they're gonna need all the help they can get). The guards and Neptune are going to be a warmup compared to an army of pissed off fishmen. Well, at least with Decken they'll be fine as long as they don't touch his hands (reminds me of a really early Dragonball villain). Not to mention they'll have to deal with three very cautious, very paranoid, and soon to be very ticked off princes. I get the feeling that one of the upcoming battles will be the time when if anyone in the crew hasn't revealed enough new attacks, they are going to be out of new attacks by the end of said battle. One thing's for sure, Fishman Island will be trashed beyond belief. Shirley's predictions are precise, remember? They'll have to call it Fishman Sandbar by the time this is over. Nothing to do now but to make some popcorn and watch the mayhem unfold. What, no butter!?

Dang! I just realized I forgot to mention Caribou in all of this. More psychopaths!