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There was something about Gol D. Roger that has been bothering me for a while now. It was what he said, or rather what he wrote in the gold framing the poneglyph in Shandora. "I came here and will lead this passage to the furthest ends of the world." Or, "We came here, found the text, and followed its guidance." It's the second one that really grabbed my attention. At first I thought that might be the only connection, but I couldn't help but look into it, being the infomaniac that I am. And my suspicions were right. Roger's conquest of the Grand Line parallels Caesar's last campaign during the Great Roman Civil War. Roger's writing echoes the famous quote Julius Caesar wrote upon conquering the city of Zela. He reported wrote about his account of the battle "Veni, vidi, vici." I came, I saw, I conquered. We came here, found the text, and followed it guidance. We came we saw, we conquered. By following the text on the poneglyphs and conquering the Grand Line, they conquered the world. It could just be a coincidence, until we look at the timeframes of both. The Great Roman Civil War lasted from 49-45 BC, four years. That was the same amount of time from when Roger initially began his voyage in the Grand Line to when he became Pirate King. Even more befitting, the last place Caesar conquered before returning to Rome was Munda, now in modern day Spain. So, both of them conquered the world. And since Roger was going against the World Government, that can be seen as a civil war since their political domain would encompass the entire planet. Pay attention to that because it could be important. What's more, they both in a way foresaw their deaths. Roger knew he was going to die from his disease eventually and Caesar had his death foretold by a fortuneteller.