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What's up? I normally don't make blogs that plug future stuff, but then again, I don't normally work with people. After a long period of contemplation, I have decided that I am ready to tackle the one fight that all prediction writers have been avoiding like the plague for obvious reasons. That's right, I'm talking about actually writing a prediction for the Aokiji vs. Akainu fight. However, while I probably could do it alone with great difficulty, I have no such intent or preference. So, anyone interested in collaborating with me on this need only post a comment below. Here is how it will work:

The fight lasted 10 days, so the prediction will be broken up into 10 blog posts, each post covering one day of the fight. Should anyone agree, you would be doing at most days 3-8, as I have plans for days  1, 2, 9, 10 and intend to write those myself. There are only three things we must make sure happen. 1. Kuzan loses part of his leg. 2. Sakazuki wins. 3. Punk Hazard becomes what it is today, a heavily contrasted wasteland worthy of the Miser Brothers (The Year without a Santa Claus). So, like I said earlier, please let me know if you are seriously interested in collaborating on this project and we'll go from there. I would be able to at most work with 2 other people, splitting the writing 3 ways with me taking the leftover day. I look forward to doing this as much as I hope you look forward to reading it.