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I'm sure it is still a bit early in the flashback to be thinking about this, but I can't help but wonder who Otohime's assassin is or what the exact reason behind her murder will be. I've been trying to look at it from a historical standpoint with the Civil Rights Movement in mind. I've also been reading up on James Earl Ray, the guy who shot and killed Martin Luther King Jr., Otohime's apparent real life counterpart. What really grabbed my attention was that he was anti-integregation and as a result was drawn to politician George Wallace, who was making a presidential run on an anti-integration platform.

While going with historical counterparts, I began to wonder if there might be someone representative of Wallace in the story. My thoughts first turned to Fisher Tiger, even though he is predominantly representative of Malcolm X. Going with that, though, I wondered who would fit the role of James Earl Ray. It would have to be someone who supported Tiger's ideals, who associated with him, though not directly. My first guess was Jones, my second guess was Decken. It seems like Decken will have a connection to this somehow. Otohime was assassinated around the same time he took an interest in Shirahoshi (actually a little after), so there has to be something there. I'm going to wait for Decken to be introduced in the flashback.

So, since I've hit a dead end, tell me who you think is going to assassinate Otohime.

And just an afterthought, do you think Otohime's death will feel as tragic as Ace's or Newgate's because we're expecting it, or will it have the same impact?