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With all this stuff about Sabo bubbling up again, it's got me thinking about it. Yes, I still think he's dead. I had the sudden realization that Sabo's...let's just call it disappearance (for the sake of not having people flood the comments with a bunch of "he's alive" crap, repeating the same theories over and over and over), bears striking similarities to a recent event. Unless you've been living in a cave for the last two months, then you know that the former Al Qaida leader, Osama bin Ladin, was shot, killed, and buried at sea by US Navy SEALS. About a week later, Disney bought the rights to the team name (that doesn't have anything to do with anything, I just find it hilarious that they jumped on that, of all things). As with any celebrity death, there is controversy surrounding it. Is he really dead? Where's the body? Anybody got a video or picture? Not unlike Sabo. It's not the question of "is he really dead?" that intrigues me, but the similar circumstances surrounding both deaths. Don't get what I'm saying? I'll show you. Who am I talking about in this description? He was shot. He was thrown from a boat into the water. Only a select few can claim that he is truly dead. He has large groups of people who rant online about how he is still alive. If he is dead, and let's face it, he is, then he is somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, and more than likely has become fish food. I think you get my point.

Coincidence? Most likely. There was about an eleven month difference between the two events. Sabo happened first, and I highly doubt that President Obama reads One Piece, it'd be awesome if he did, but whatever. Oda can't see the future of the real world, so I'm chalking it up to an awesome coincidence.