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Ok, the battles have gone down, some with unexpected results. Hi, I'm DancePowderer, and I'm here to bring you the OPBBC post-game analyses of the two big match ups, Luffy vs. Decken, and Zoro vs. Jones. As usual, I have a guest panel, here's Sanji, Random Local # 27, and Usopp! Sanji, I want to start with you. Let's hear the view of someone who didn't actually see either of the fights.

Sanji: Eh? Marimo beat someone, big whoop, and why is he so special?

DP: He appears to have defeated an insanely powerful fishman under water.

Sanji: Big deal, I did the same thing before we even got stronger.

DP: With only one cut.

Sanji: That's cool...I guess.

DP: And Luffy defeated Vander Decken IX, at least momentarily.

Sanji: Cool for Luffy, but I don't care what Mosshead did, he's so annoying, he's...!

DP: Mermaid Princess.

Sanji: (turns to stone)

DP: That shut him up. Let's hear about Luffy's fight from Random Local #27.

RL#27: Well, it was a very amazing battle. We had tied Straw Hat up, but he was able to beat Decken using only his legs, while still tied up! I couldn't believe it.

DP: Do you believe there will be a round 2? I mean Decken did escape from his hole and he seemed angry.

RL#27: Yes, especially after Wadatsumi failed to stop Straw Hat. I believe there will definitely be a rematch.

DP: Great, and speaking of rematch, Usopp, tell us what you thought of the battle with Zoro and Jones.

Usopp: Well, I could not see too much of it, since it was an underwater battle. There was a dialogue going between the two, but it sounded like "glub glub", I don't speak that language. From what I saw of the battle, it looked like Zoro kicked off from somewhere to launch the finishing blow. I'll let you know what he says when he comes up.

DP: Thanks Usopp, I look forward to it. Final thoughts, everyone.

Sanji: Zoro, too good to be true. Luffy and Decken will go another round at least. It's a reverse Crocodile thing, where Luffy will pound him twice, only not lose on the third time.

Usopp: Ditto,

RL#27: What he said.

DP: Ok, now we'll be taking comments. Please leave them below.