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I was entertaining a thought a little while ago about what would happen if everyone, Marine and pirate alike chose new business ventures after leaving their current positions. These are a few I came up with:

Kooky Kuzan's House of Popsicles

Krazy Kizaru's Discount Laser Eye Surgery

Loopy Luffy's Bungeepalooza

Nami's Bank and Casino Ltd.

The Sakazuki Landscaping and Demolition Co.

Zany Zoro's Sword Training and Compass Outlet (Lessons Available)

Mad Marco's Mythical Menagerie

Daz Bones Deforestation and Lumber Co.

Neptune's House of Waffles

The CP9 School of Aerial Tap Dancing

Galdino's House of Wax

Magellan's Pest Control Service

Commonwealth Enel Electric

Wiper's Army Surplus Store

The Bentham School for Ballerinas (Men Only)

Dr. Emporio Ivankov, Gender Reassignment Surgeon, MD

Inazuma's Landscaping and Topiary Co.

Crocodile's Social Club for Legitimate Businessmen (No Cops Allowed)

And those are what I came up with. If you have any ideas, please post them. Just one rule, keep them PG.