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Those with weak spirits and constitutions should probably ignore this.

One Piece has had a lot of different kinds of moments. There are moments that make us laugh, moments that make us cry, moments that make us angry, and so many more. For this, I want you to tell me about the moments that made your stomach twist. The kind of moment where you actually had to take a step back from what you were reading in order to take in what just happened. 

For me, it was in chapter 688. Here, we had Mocha being pursued by children acting akin to ravenous dogs who at any other moment would have been her friends. She's playing runningback to their defense, with the bag of drugged NHC10 candies as the football. It was one thing to see her running desperately from the people whose best interests she had at heart. It was another thing entirely to see how she resolved the situation. When I saw her eat the whole bag of candies, I'm not going to lie, the shock almost made me physically sick. I thought "How could someone do that to a kid or bring a kid to do that? How could Oda draw that and not feel ashamed?" A child should not have to know the meaning of the term self-sacrifice. It took me a good five or ten minutes to collect myself before I could read the rest of the chapter. Even then, the shock hadn't worn off. That was one of the few times I wasn't looking forward to the next chapter and was happy to have a break the next week. 

So, what about you guys? What moments made your stomach churn and jaw drop as you slowly began to question if there was anything good left in the world? Extra points if someone can top me and provide a scene that actually made them sick from disgust at its audacity.