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I was watching the Straw Hats fight the Baroque Works agents in Alubarna the other day, and aside from having a blast watching all the fights, there was one scene that I really liked. It was the scene where everyone met up with each other after the rebellion. At first everything seemed normal. The Straw Hats were talking to Vivi, and at the end of the conversation, she told them to come back to the palace with her. Nami said they would be along shortly but they were going to rest first since they were exhausted from fighting, Sanji's lighting up a cigarette in the mean time, acting casual like always. Then as soon as Vivi leaves, they all pass out at the same time. One part I liked about that was you could see the moment everyone went from conscious to unconscious, with everyone smiling and Luffy wearing the biggest smile of all. After that scene, I couldn't help but sit back and laugh. It was more out of satisfaction than anything. It was a "You deserve it, have one on me" kind of moment. So, I'm wondering what other scenes made you guys laugh with a sense of satisfaction like that?