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Just about all of the places Kuma sent the Straw Hats make sense at the moment: Nami can learn more about the weather, Sanji can learn new recipes and fighting styles, Franky can learn a lot about weapons and technology, Zoro can fight some heavily armed and disturbed monkeys, Chopper can learn more about medicines, Usopp can bulk up, and Brook I'm not so sure about but that doesn't matter right now. Why was Robin sent to Tequila Wolf? The bridge construction was started 700 years ago. The Void Century ended 800 years ago, so why would Tequila Wolf be important? Robin had security when she was with the Straw Hats, so why change it to the revolutionaries? I doubt Kuma sent her there because it was "close enough" to having to do with the Void Century. I doubt that there could be too much information there relating to the Void Century, if any; 100 years would be more than enough time to get rid of anything that might have anything to do with the True History. So, why did Kuma send Robin to Tequila Wolf? What do you think?