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This chapter was interesting. I now know what to do if I ever want to get a nine figure starting bounty, tear it up in Mariejois. Did anyone else notice that the Candy Factory building was in the background of the scene where Otohime was preaching? I am now going to start calling Daruma Water Sabo. The hat and the crouched position was exactly like Sabo in his introduction. It's hard to believe that Jones and the NFP officers ever looked cute and innocent. It's about time they had a named rear admiral. I thought Oda was going to tease us with it. I now understand why Strawberry has such a huge hat, he has hair that is just as huge. I love how Otohime is becoming more aggressive with her petitioning.

On to the character of the hour, Koala. Am I the only one who's sensing that she will have a bigger role than just being a passenger? I need to say this. I'm glad she changed her facial expression. The smile reminds me of the face of a doll in any movie where the doll comes to life and kills everyone in their sleep. She will either be dead by the end of the flashback, or we find out that she has some connection to another character. She has shown only three emotions, happy, scared, and tearful. So yeah, Koala made my potentiometer (wait, doesn't that have something to do with electricity?) go off the charts. We'll have to follow her closely.