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Comment ca va, beechez? I have a proposition for anyone interested. As I told you guys a while ago, I'm working on seeing if I can crack the language of the poneglyphs. Well, I might as well bring you up to speed. There are two basic styles of text. Shandora and Ryugu's scripts are based largely on Futhark runes and Hebrew, a language that I have playfully dubbed Hebrunes. The stones from Ohara and Alabasta are predominantly Sanskrit with hints of Chinese and something I'm going to say looks like I have no effing idea (Enochian?). But enough of that bullskrit, let's get back to the task at hand. Notice that from a few sentences ago I put a lot of emphasis on the word "largely". That is because the Hebrunes holds true except for a few isolated symbols. Those incidents I'm going to call word pockets. Those word pockets are complex symbols composed of other smaller symbols from yet another language, English. Some of them are semi-obvious, while others border on a bit of a stretch to I've got to be kidding myself. The symbols that make up Gol D. Roger are examples of what I mean. Here's where you come in. In case you haven't noticed, the poneglyphs aren't exactly pocket-sized and the symbols aren't exactly sparse. The truth is, I don't want to do that much work, at least right now. So, here's where your slave labor I mean "internship" opportunity joins the equation. Using the pics of the Shandora Poneglyph on here, see if you can't find any symbols within symbols. Be sure to look for both the proper spelling and romaji. I didn't actually find "Roger", I found "Roja", but the Gol D. stayed the same. Then tell me what you find on here, citing line number, 1 at the top, and where in the row, 1 on the right. Think of it as a word search. It'll be fun. Or not, who knows, I might decide to scrap this idea come daybreak. But let's live in the moment. Help me out here, and remember, with the right mindset, anything can be fun. And, for those of you who saw through that bullskrit like it was celophane, there will be a prize for whoever helps me the most with this, and no, it's not my undying respect or anything lame like that. So, 1 2 3 4 5. I mean, ichi ni san yon GO!