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As I begin writing, it is currently 10:49 p.m. CST on my computer's clock and while not quite technically Wednesday yet, I'm bored so I say close enough since most of you won't even see this until tomorrow. This is my second of three blogs during the hiatus with an allusory theme/mention to my first blog about this. We're two weeks into it and I'm just checking in on everyone again. So, how's everyone doing at the half way mark? I happen to be doing fine, mostly because I thought of a great theme for this blog and the next one (can you guess it?). Not only that, school is keeping me plenty busy, so are the extracurriculars. As one would expect of someone upon reaching the Red Line, my excitement has been tickled ever so slightly and over time (say like in the next week or two) will come to a boil. But for now, I'm staying level headed. My life right now is like the Sabaody Archipelago, really busy with a lot of different stuff to do. But that's just me, how are you guys doing?