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With all the stuff going on, I can't help but look at it from a comedic perspective. I thought of a few things that i would like to hear the Straw Hats say to each other in the story. Most of these involve Luffy.


"Sanji, your leg is on fire."

"Zoro, stop winking!"

"Usopp, someone broke off part of your slingshot."


"Zoro, how the hell do you get lost in a cage that's half your size!?"


"Huh? Is that water getting closer?"


"So, Nami, wanna see my new, bigger cannon?" (meant to be taken as innuendo)

Nami: "Shiawase Punch!"

Franky (passing out from a nosebleed as a cannon emerges from his shoulder): "No regets!!"

Nami: "Oops...Chopper!"

Chopper: "What?"

Nami (Running away): "I didn't do it!"

So yeah, that's my material. Let's hear some of yours.

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