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Wow, this chapter was a fun one. First off, I did not know that Neptune could use the frickin' Kamehameha Wave, nor that it was even an option for any type of combat in One Piece. That was cool. It was also cool to see Jinbe flip out several times in a row, funny stuff. He was meant to be drawn bug-eyed. Now, onto the fun part, as if it wasn't already. Decken is persistent, still throwing axes. Luffy seems to have accepted that kicking away flying weapons is going to become the norm. I can see him now:

Nami: So, Luffy, the thing I figured out about...

Luffy: Morning star!

Nami: Jinbe's message was...

Luffy: Sword!

Nothing strange, just kicking away a flying axe from out of nowhere that's about four times his size, and all Luffy says about it is "The what now?" Shirahoshi seems to have gotten used to him too. If this is going to be another Boa Hancock thing, good money says she will declare her love for him as he is about to leave. Oh, glad to see Sanji is cured of his condition. If Shirahoshi does declare her love for Luffy, Sanji will go on a rampage, having the two most beautiful women in the world say they love Luffy while he spent two years fighting for his dignity against okamas. All's fair in love and recipes, I guess. By the way, I did not realize how HUGE Megalo is. Look at him. He's roughly the size of Thousand Sunny. And Jinbe dropped the ball on Arlong's little outing. I will be surprised if Nami doesn't cry, get angry, punch him, or any combination of the three next chapter. I didn't know sharks could go into that crazy state by smelling their own blood. Hordy is now a much larger threat than he previously let on. A pissed off, insane, bloodthirsty, vengeful pirate with a malicious ambition, on drugs. Isn't that just the kind of guy you'd want to hang out with? Ah, I can't wait for the next chapter. It will be fun. Jinbe's back story is going to be interesting to say the least. I smell a flashback. I hope Robin comes back before that, I want to know what she found out. I'm an info junkie when it comes to ancient stuff like that. Such is life. I wonder who is going to deal with Hordy next time around? Luffy can't, Jinbe's orders, probably Sanji. And for the love of god, please, give Zoro an air bubble helmet. If one isn't available, Brook or Usopp could at least step out of their comfort zone and share theirs. Awkward, I know, but it's for a friend.