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I just realized that there is more to the brokers watching than we think. Most of them are pirates, right? Probably powerful or well-respected. All of these movers and shakers in the New World are watching the broadcast going on right now, which means they're going to stay tuned and watch the fights that are about to go down over the next few chapters. And since the Straw Hats will win, which as the main characters they are required by law (get it?) to win in the end, our viewers watching at home will see them do so. And by seeing them do so, they will realize just how tough our favorite little crew is. You see where I'm going with this? Clown is literally giving the Straw Hats free publicity to get their name out there as a crew and are not to be taken lightly. So why bother bumming from island to island and fucking shit up to get their name out there when they can cover a lot more ground a lot faster with TV? Isn't technology great? They won't have to work as hard to make a name for themselves since several pirates will have already known that. Of course, I doubt the whole of the New World is watching, so not every encounter will be a cake walk, but it'll certainly make it easier in some ways that let them get by on pure notoriety. They should thank Caesar Clown for being such a good publicist without even knowing it.

Granted, a lot of pirate groups (about 55 to be exact), already know about at least one Straw Hat ( mainly Luffy), but that doesn't mean they know anything about the crew. And with but three brokers being new characters (if you want to fight about some of them not being new, bring it on), they'll get acclaim even faster. The Straw Hats have stumbled onto the opportunity of a pirate lifetime and won't even realize it until someone tells them. Hopefully their newfound fame won't go to their heads. I just hope Caesar's broadcast captures their good side. You know how the visual Den Den Mushi can add ten pounds.