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Ah, Oda, you've done it again. You've taken a larger theme and condensed it into a bubble and then placed it 10,000 meters below sea level. I wondered why the island seemed to be run by the king, Linlin, and Jones. It seemed odd. At first I thought it was supposed to show a utopia gone bad. Then I realized, Oda created a microcosm! Aside from pirate traffic and the slave trade, there is really no connection between Fishman Island and the world above. It is on its own, but it's just like the world above it. You have your government heads, Neptune, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, Manboshi, and the Mermaid Princess...boshi. They run the government and the army. There are 5 of them, think of them as the Gyorousei (those who understand Japanese should find that hilarious). They have their own army, since the Marines haven't done anything exept not interfere. The Neptune Army had to get some extra help from a pirate to keep one potential superpower pirate down. Aside from the numbers, does that sound familiar? Charlotte Linlin has a double role in the story as a Yonkou and Fishman Island's Ichibukai. Just think, if Big Mam left, the whole place would go down the toilet faster than you could say Ryugu Palace. The government needed Big Mam's help, so they gave in to her demands to appease her, and they don't like Jones. In short, Jones is the Yonkou (or Ichikou), Neptune and friends are are the World Government in command of the Marines, and Linlin is the Ichibukai. If Jones weren't that big of a threat, Neptune would have taken care of him before Jinbe ever left the Sunny Pirates. But those are just my observations. Now I leave it to you, the readers. Prove me wrong or tell me otherwise.