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Dang, a lot of stuff happened in this chapter. There was a lot of information revealed. It's going to be difficult to keep it all organized.

First off. Otohime. Does she come off as a little...jumpy, to you? First she hits a guy, then she apologizes, then she starts crying, then she is encouraging. Then she hits a kid for having an uneven snot distribution, then hugs him and apologizes while no one even gives her hitting a child a second thought, commenting on how great she is. Uh, yes, I have a question. Did Ivankov and Hancock have a kid? Because it seems to me they did. And she is definitely Shirahoshi's mother. I now see where Shirahoshi gets her crying from. And Neptune, the years haven't done... anything to you, have they?

One more thing about Otohime. What did Neptune mean by her Kenbunshoku Haki wouldn't allow her to record a speech instead of visit the people directly? Is she an anglophile or something? Is Haki addictive?

Oh, and the princes as children were so CUTE! Such is the innocent eyes of a child before having to form an army.

Well, it's obvious Arlong was going through an early mid-life crisis when he took over Commi Island, being in his late thirties at the time.

Also, I think Jinbe has commitment issues. First he quits the royal guard, then the Sunny Pirates, then the Shichibukai. He definitely has trouble committing.

Who knew that Macro was ever considered cruel? I thought he was just introduced for the Straw Hats to beat up.

If you ask me, the fishmen were just itching to be pirates. They just needed a big enough powder keg as an excuse to start. Tiger attacked Mariejois, and go!

So yeah, a lot happened in this chapter. It's moving along kind of quickly for a flashback. Anyway, I told you it wouldn't be too organized.