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This is my prediction of the fight that is to come in the next chapter. I'm really happy because I found a bunch of literary references that I can add to it. Ok, I really wanted to write this primarily because I wanted to add a bunch of literary references/ jokes I made to one author in particular. This should be fun.

The princes are charging toward the pirates and officers.

???:Your highnesses, wait!

Fukaboshi (turns): It's Jinbe!

Jinbe and Shirahoshi get down from Megalo.

Manboshi: Sis, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in the tower?

Shirahoshi: Umm, well you see. Lu....

Jinbe: We'll explain that later. For now, go to your father, princess, let us handle things.

Shirahoshi: Okay.

She goes over to where Neptune is tied up and starts talking to him.

Jinbe: Ok, you guys need to take out the pirates and the officers. Leave Hody to me.

Fukaboshi: I'll handle the pirates. Ryuboshi, you and Zy handle the officers.

Manboshi: Stop calling me that! Now's not the time for stupid stuff like that.

Multiple shots are heard. They turn to see Hody shooting his water bullets.

Fukaboshi: What are you doing?

Hody: Oh, I was bored, so I thought I'd play a little game I made up. It's called Schroedinger's Roulette. I throw these water drops toward the town. It doesn't bother me if they hit anyone since I won't know.

Jinbe: Hey, Ryuboshi, who's the metro flicking water bul...That's Hody, isn't it?

Ryuboshi: Mhm.

Jinbe: He looks hilarious. Hody, what say we find a good spot for us to fight. I don't want interference.

Hody: Agreed.

So the two walk off.

Fukaboshi starts charging at the throngs of pirates, fighting them with little trouble.

Ryuboshi: So, brother, how do you want to do this? Should we split them down the middle and fight individually, or take them on together?

Manboshi:Together. We've perfected our dual fighting techniques anyway.

Ryuboshi: How should we start this?

Manboshi: On the shingle with a lion (they talk in code so no one can figure out what they're going to do).

Ryuboshi: Perfect.

The officers start running at them (except Hyouzou since he wasn't paid enough).

Ryuboshi: Lobster Quadrille!

He launches two slashes from his swords, so when facing them, it looks like #.

Manboshi: The Lion and the Unicorn!

He flies after his brother's attack, one sword facing forward, the other crossed on his chest.

Daruma: Oh great, it's one of their rhyme and meter comb....

He is hit with the slashes and gets thrown back and dizzy.

Manboshi flies at the others, delivering a slash that leaves the remaining three slightly wounded.

Meanwhile, while Neptune and Shirahoshi are talking...

Shirahoshi: So that's what happened.

Neptune: I see.

???: Psst, princess, your majesty.

Neptune: Aladdin?

Shirahoshi: Snail bro-san!

Aladdin: shhhhhhh. I'm gonna get you guys out of here, but you have to be quiet and do exactly as I say.

Both nod.

Aladdin (carefully and quietly unchains the king): Now follow me.

They follow him.

Shirahoshi: Ou.....(she bites her finger so as not to scream).

Neptune: Sorry, sweety, I got too close to you.

Shirahoshi: Snail-san. Will you walk a little faster? Daddy is right behind me, and he tread on my tail.

Aladdin: I don't know, it may attract attention if we go any faster.

Shirahoshi: Will you, won't you, won't you, will you?

Aladdin: Fine, I'll try, sheesh. Just don't start reciting "You're old, Father Gyilliam."

The three manage to sneak out.

Back at the fight (Zeo is now out too)

Ryuboshi: Brother, we have to end this soon, or else they'll wear us out.

Manboshi: You're right. How about we do it with Eve's help? But you have to be the one who eats the oysters.

Ryuboshi: Sounds good to me.

He jumps up incredibly high, and gets lost in the light from Eve.

Ikaros: It looks like your brother left you to be our punching bagch.

Manboshi (looks up): Not really, you see, he's the walrus.

Ryuboshi is falling to the ground while spinning, swinging his swords wildly (from below he looks like a circle).

Manboshi (jumps up to his brother so he is in the middle of the ring, holds his sword to his chest, and points it downward): And I'm the carpenter!

The brothers hit the ground like a shockwave, tornado, and razor blade all in one. The remaining officers are blasted away by the force of the rotation and injured by the slashes and shockwave.

Ryuboshi (Uncoils himself): Kookookachoo, bitches. Are you okay, brother?

Manboshi: Yeah, let's go check on big brother and Jinbe.

And the two walk off to help their brother and friend.