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This week's Jump was a double issue, which means no One Piece next week. While Oda didn't leave too much of a cliffhanger this week, there is still one thing tugging at me that I can't think about without chuckling. Who will go batshit crazy first? The way I see it, either Caribou will get out of the barrel, and if he's as big a perv as he appeared to be on the Sunny, then he is going to have a FIELD DAY on Fishman Island with all the mermaids to gawk at. That, and he said he wanted to kill the Straw Hats there too. OR, we have the New Fishman Pirates, whose captain apparently wants to "meet" Luffy. I bet it's going to be Arlong's brother Arshort (I'm sorry, I know it's a lame joke, I just couldn't resist), while others say Fisher Tiger or even Arlong himself. Personally, I hope Caribou breaks out before the NFPs get there. It would be hilarious watching him try to kill the four Straw Hats who are there while staring and catching looks at the mermaids. Actually, I hope the NFPs show up during Caribou's perverted rampage (going out on a limb, that must be the first time someone put "perverted" and "rampage" next to each other in the same sentence). Now that's a party. So, we have voyeurism and sociopathy, or the fishman-pirate mafia. Take your pick, who would you rather see strike first!?