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God damn it, Oda, you have once again outdone yourself. Chapter 623 has to be by far the most sobering chapter I've read. This even beats out Ace and Whitebeard biting the dust. Tiger, you stupid bastard. You could have lived, you stubborn twit! Why didn't you just swallow your pride, you fool. I can't believe everyone thought you were a hero. You're a bigger liar than Usopp!

And Strawberry, you manipulative jerk. Guess who my new least favorite vice admiral is?

Tiger didn't break into Mariejois, he broke out. It's Impel Down only on dry land and 10,000 feet up.

And Koala, you now look even more familiar since you got cleaned up. That's going to drive me insane. Maybe it's just how her hair reminds me of a young Nico Robin with her mother resembling Olvia. How can a child who's been through so much still look so innocent?

I'll end with this. Borsalino, wtf are you planning? It's bad enough that a hero defamed himself, now we have to deal with this plot twist?