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Well, it seems a bit more of Hody's personality has come out in the most recent chapter. We now know why he hates humans. He feels like it. He has no direct reason to hate humans, but I guess that's not stopping him. He is now on a higher level than Caribou in terms of crazy. Hody thinks heaven chose him for this purpose. Someone, I'm not going to say who, is definitely a schizo that makes Joan of Arc look like she just had an imaginary friend as a child for about a week. I'm still stunned at this revelation. Who knew a word as simple as "nothing" could bring the whole place crashing down on everything? And in turn, Noah crashing down on Fishman Island. And here I thought his name was Florence. I can't believe the reason for his hatred of all humans boils down to boredom. I can only stop and think briefly about what it would be like if that were Hitler's reason for his final solution. And I'm back to the topic at hand. Even through boredom, how can you possess that much hatred for something? Geez. Hody definitely gets the award for most mentally unstable character in the series. He makes Caribou look like Makino. I know what some of you are thinking and I think that the prolonged drug use is only responsible for a fraction of his crazy and the abilities that come with it. If not that, then they at least enhanced what was already festering in his mind.

So, onto some lighter topics. Robin and Brook have some cool abilities. The detaching the head thing was cool and so was growing clones out of Hammond. Brook also has a new sword, and this one is named! Also, this may be the best new ability seen, Daruma can set himself on fire and fly in for an attack in a fashion similar to one found in a prediction I wrote a while ago (pride moment). Mostly it was the fire that intrigued me.

And back to the heavy. The only thing I wonder now is if Hody Jones can go any further off the deep end (cuz they're under water, get it?) than he already has. He seems to be making weird sounds for the most part, a sign that he has descended since revealing his secret a couple chapters ago. When this is almost over he will just be screaming and flying into things randomly. Crazy people are here to make things interesting, and Hody has certainly done just that.