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Alright, we are about to have an interesting battle on our hands. Hi, I'm DancePowderer, your usual writer, bookie, and host of One Piece: Battle Betting Corner (OP: BBC for short, crap, is that copyrighted?). Today, I am joined by a guest panel on this blog: Give it up for Luffy, Nami, and Sanji! Alright guys, you know what's about to happen with Luffy and Decken, don't you? Let me recap for those of you just logging in. Luffy, Megalo, and Shirahoshi are on their way to the Sea Forest, and Vander Decken is on his way to them via flying coral. Obviously, a battle is going to ensue, so guys, what are your bets?

Luffy (eyes shining): THAT'S SO COOOOOOOOOL! Nami! Lend me 15,000 beli to bet on the guy on the flying tree! Who's he fighting again?

Everyone: YOU, STUPID!

Luffy: Oh, if I win can I get a flying tree too?

Nami (Hits him on the head): NO!

DP: Moving on. Sanji, what's your take on the fight?

Sanji (Heart eyes): That's the princess! Ooooooooooooooooooh!... (pants, trying to calm down) Kokoro naked, Kokoro naked, Kokoro naked...Phew, all better. Luffy had better win this one! If anything happens to the princess, I won't forgive you, Luffy!

DP: And Nami. What's your take on the fight?

Nami: Luffy, if you lose this one I will kill you! We are dependent on you winning this fight and bringing the princess back to get us out of the crap situation we got into at the palace.

Luffy: Huh?

DP: You'll find out. And the only bet we have so far is Luffy's 15,000 beli bet...on Vander Decken, assuming Nami will lend it to him. Nami, Sanji, place your bets.

Nami: I'll bet 80,000 beli.

DP: On whom?

Nami: Luffy, of course! (secretly whispers to betting clerk, put 50,000 of it on Decken)

Sanji: I can't, I'm broke.

DP: But when I asked you, you said that you had up to 60,000 beli to bet?

Sanji: No, I said I was 60,000 beli in debt, to Nami-schwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!

Nami: And that's without interest added in ;)

DP: So, the odds are 2:1 that Decken beats Luffy. There you have it folks, you heard it here first, it's the romantically obsessed quadrupedal humanoid vs. the clueless captain. It should be an interesting match. That's all for now, until next time on One Piece: Battle Betting Corner. And don't forget, you can place your bets by scrolling down to our comments section. Goodnight, folks.

Luffy: Where's the meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat!?

DP: Gang way to the Craft Services table! Luffy's hungry! Move, move, move!

(Fades to black while crashing sounds are heard)