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Ok, BLS told me he wouldn't be able to make a prediction this week, so I am taking it upon myself to do it. Again, if you expect me to take it seriously, you will be disappointed. Kiss the 4th wall goodbye, or not. I don't know. I'm winging it to be perfectly honest. And in case you're wondering, since I know this will be asked, Macbeth, 4.1 (Act 4, Scene 1).

Title: Dirty Little Secret

Fukaboshi: I know Hody's dark truth, and it's not pretty, though it's pretty damn hilarious.

Hody: HEY! I told you not to tell anyone.

Fukaboshi. Hody's full name is Florence Ignitka Hodesius Jones.

Everyone but Hody (screwing up faces, trying not to laugh): HAAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Hody: Shut up! It would ruin me if that ever got out. I only told you because I thought you would be dead by now, Fukaboshi.

Fukaboshi: Don't count your sea eggs before they hatch.

Manboshi (still laughing a little): But, what does this have to do with his hatred for humans?

Hody: Ugh, I might as well tell you now, since you're going to die soon anyway. I was named after a human, a wretched woman by the name of Florence Di Italy (you thought I was going to make another D character for a second, didn't you?). It is my greatest shame.

Ammo Knights on Den Den Mushi: Hey, Noah is in the bubble. Repeat, it is in the bubble.

Luffy: Great. Do it again.

Ammo Knights: What!? We can't, we only had one shot to encase it and we're lucky we made this one.

Luffy: I don't care. (turns to Ryuboshi) What are those guys' names?

Ryuboshi: Toil and Trouble I believe.

Luffy: Double bubble Toil and Trouble. (readies a very powerful Gear 2 punch and hits Hody with it, burning him).

Hody: Fire burn!

Shirahoshi: Ugh, I see where this is going, but there is no context for the last bit, so here goes. And cauldron bubble.

Nami (Back on the island): I don't know why, but I think Luffy actually quoted something from a book just now (shivers). Scary.

Ammo Knights (Back at the plot): Ok, the ship is encased, so what do we do now?

Luffy: Ok, Shirahoshi, take the gate off the entrance the island and Brohoshi will punch a hole in it so we just have the frame.

Shirahoshi and Fukaboshi: What!?

Shirahoshi: What could you possibly be planning?

Luffy: Didn't you ever blow island-sized bubbles as a kid?

Fukaboshi: I will do no such thing! I thought you wanted to get air in it to have a better chance of defeating Hody?

Luffy: Oh yeah. I remember now. Hey, Florence! Let's settle things once and for all on the boat!

Hody: Fine, meet me at the stern in 10 minutes. I figure if I am going to kill you, I should give you time to prepare. I won't even observe your movements until ten minutes have passed.

Manboshi (yeah, he regained consciousness): How uncharacteristicly like you. (mutters) The guy writing this must be planning something (didn't I tell you to kiss the 4th wall goodbye?).

Luffy: Brohoshi, take me to the bow.

Fukaboshi: Ok.

Luffy enters the bubble and goes into the hole Decken fell through.

Luffy: There you are! (slaps him a lot) Wake up!

Decken: Huh? What? What happened? Where's that darling bastard? I mean my bastard darling. I mean that bastard and my darling.

Luffy: That doesn't matter. (grabs a conveniently placed rope and ties up Decken) Now stay put...and conscious.

Luffy comes back out as Noah begins to follow Shirahoshi again

Luffy: Shirahoshi, stay level and swim away from the island. And when I tell you, swim to Noah's guardrail and touch it.

Shirahoshi (starts swimming): Ok.

Luffy: NOW!

Princes: NO!

Shirahoshi comes along side Noah and lightly touches it with her hand. The ship drops about 1km from the island.

Luffy: Problem solved. Seriously, why did no one think of that before?

Fukaboshi: Do you realize how dangerous that was? If she gets a splinter from that you're a dead man.