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Ahh, Caribou Caribou Caribou, you greedy psychopath you, you never cease to amaze us. First you kidnap mermaids, then you think you can continue snatching up mermaids and no one would notice. On top of that, good luck getting back to Sabaody without a ship. Also, good luck dropping at least three mermaids off at the Human Auction House without attracting attention. I just can't wait to see how Luffy handles Caribou's powers. I get the feeling he will let himself get absorbed, and then use Haki to damage his internal organs. Ah, what else is there?

NEPTUNE! Let's talk about Neptune. He has to be the weirdest king ever. He gets berated like a child and has to be the most blunt royal ever. "Of course there is cool stuff there, it is my castle." Picture Cobra or Vivi saying that. You can't, can you? I didn't think so. I like him.

Also, the Minister of the Right and the Minister of the Right. When I see them I think of three things: Monty Python, Zetsu from Naruto, and any faceless character from any comic ever made. I have never been more intrigued by a catfish and I haven't been intrigued by a sea horse this much since I saw the seahorse exhibit at the aquarium downtown. The seahorse has a katana, that's a good sign.

And princess Shirahoshi, am I the only one who thinks she gets huge whenever she is upset? I think that is what her "problem" is. And I can only imagine how all the weapons on and around her door got there.

OH! And I can't WAIT until Fukaboshi gets back and sees what he believes to be his homeland's destroyer chilling in his dining room calling his dad grandpa in front of a hammered swordsman and pissed off starfish. Ryuuboshi and Zoro both have swords and he and his brothers consider the Straw Hats a threat. God, there's so much about to happen I can't keep my thoughts straight. Ahh, a psychopath, a misunderstanding to be, and the possible ultimate destruction of Fishman Island. What could be better!?