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This week's chapter was pretty amazing, I have to say. The one thing that grabbed me more than anything else was the cover page. Wapol seems to be doing pretty well for himself, almost too well. I think he's doing almost too well. I can think of one thing that worries me off the bat, and that is his placement in the "From the Decks of the World" mini-series. They were going by island, and this week was supposed to be Sakura Kingdom. And yet, we have everyone's favorite metal munching moon mouse. I wonder if he took over Drum again and renamed it. Those guys behind him look like the Isshi-20. The weather and castle suggest otherwise, but I couldn't help but wonder.

The second thing, the reason why I'm writing this, has to do with the caption. "Recognized by the World Nobles". That part sticks out more than normal because of the power and esteem that comes with the title. If Wapol is being backed by the World Nobles, then he can do almost whatever he wants to and get away with it. Ladies and gentleman, Wapol has now ascended to one of the safest, yet most dangerous positions of power imaginable. Under the the wing of the World Nobles, with an army at his disposal, and a seemingly endless revenue stream from the Wapol Corporation, Wapol is arguably the most powerful king in the world. Then, with Miss Universe's fame and influence from it, they are the ultimate power couple with Miss Universe controlling the social side of it and Wapol controlling the political and economic side. Wapol is definitely coming back soon in the story. There is no way someone this Looney Toons with that much power can be ignored by anyone. Oh, wait, there is.