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Noah seems to have reappeared in a way most interesting in this chapter. The one thing it did that caught my attention was freak the hell out of Neptune. Our bearded friend described something as "the day that must come" in reference to Noah. The interesting thing is why it freaked him out. He really didn't seem to care that a ship half the size of the island was about to make port, he was bothered by the fact that it was out of place. That seems pinnacle to finding out the history behind Noah. Now, first guess would be that Noah was to be used for its original intended purpose, carrying fishkind up to the surface to live with humans in peace and harmony and yadayadayada. That's too obvious an answer and therefore the wrong one (William of Ockham can suck it on this one). The reason for that being, it can't be used to go to the surface. There are gaping holes inside the hull and it is filled with water. Last time I checked a boat wasn't supposed to have either of those characteristics. Then I got to thinking about what Neptune said. "It must not be moved." It has several anchor chains holding it down, which are actually the reason it can't be used, since the winches protrude right out of the hull, holding it in place. Holding it in place... Why would something that massive have to be he held in place? Surely it sheer size alone would be enough to keep it from moving, so why the extra insurance in the chains? Also, why only at the bow? It would make more sense to have two sets of chains at the bow and stern. I think Noah has something to hide, and it can't really do that any more since Decken decided it should pay a certain princess a visit.

Noah is just the beginning. There is something under that it was guarding. It was the Mason's capstone, if you will, guarding the Oak Island Money Pit, believed to contain anything from Captain Kidd's treasure to the Arc of the Covenant. Now I must digress from the description since I'm getting my historical references intertwined. The point is this. Noah isn't the problem, the problem is what comes after it. Expect a follow up next week once we see what is at the ends of the chains, and what remains in the crater-sized cavity left in the Fishman District.