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Becoming an admin has made me feel a bit nostalgic about this wiki. I know a year, four months and two and a half weeks doesn't sound like a lot, but I remember when I first joined on September 10, 2009 (I would not have remembered that if it weren't for my profile), I was too nervous to edit anything except grammar and spelling mistakes, and I couldn't find any that day. I remember the first edit I made that was outside of my profile was Lucky Roo. I had been reading about some pirates on Wikipedia and came across a pirate named William Rous. I thought that was where his name came from. So, I plucked up some courage, and added it to Lucky Roo's trivia section. It was removed about ten minutes later. I also rememberr the first blog I ever wrote. It was a question asking what the text in the lower left hand corner of wanted posters said. As time passed I slowly became more and more familiar with the rules and how things are run around here, and here I am today. So, this is something fun I feel like doing. I'd like to here your firsts. Tell me your first article edit, and if it stayed there. What was your first blog, if you wrote one, and anything else that was a first for you on here.