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I have never been more excited for an upcoming battle than I have been for the one with Luffy and the kraken. I think that the next chapter is going to be beyond words, nay, beyond emotions awesome. Luffy is going to have to actually think about this one (gasp! we're screwed!). I mean, he does not have that much room to "tame the little guy." He could punch through the bubble, but he could only do it one limb at a time, and his limbs get weak in water, he can't go out of the bubble, even if he could swim, the pressure would crush him like a grape. It would be cool if he really could tame it and it became the crew's pet, Chopper might not like it though (laughs derisively). Then it could be like a Pirates of the Caribbean thing where they could use the kraken on anyone they want. Still, going back to what I said before, the upcoming fight is going to be interesting to say the least. They might just use Caribou as distraction fodder. who knows. Either way, the next chapter is going to be fun.