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Just when you think it's gone, it's back!

Cover: Gluten Allergy My Ass!

People: Holy crap, he did it! The human super ball did it. Wait, that guy's the infamous pirate Straw Hat Luffy? No way. Look at him. He looks nothing like the wanted poster. You can stop bouncing now.

Luffy: About that...

Hack: Is he dead yet?

Viola: Holy crap, Luffy actually won!

Cavendish: No way Doflamingo's coming back after that.

Law: Look towards Heaven for a view of Hell.

Luffy and Law: The damn cage is still up!

Luffy: One more time! Gomu Gomu no...

God: Ding! Time's up.


People: Oh, now he looks like the guy from the posters.

Burgess: Does anyone care that I'm still up to something? No? Okay. I'm gonna hog the attention now!

Cavendish: Why is Burgess at the palace? And why does he have such insane lower body strength?

Koala: Yeah, Sabo? It's me. Listen...


People: Wait, is the fight over? Oh hey, our impending doom is still slowly creeping towards us from all sides. RUN!

Doflamingo: You didn't think I would be that easy to get rid of, did you? I should make some kind of metaphor about strings of fate and destiny and crap, but right now I'm more worried about why my ribcage is sticking out of my kneecap!

People: Luffy is still steaming and unconscious! He's hostile, run!

Gatz: Hey, you know who I am, right? I'm not some has been now that my job is gone? So you were Lucy. Cool. So, what are you going to do about Doflamingo? Need any help from a guy with no fighting ability whatsoever?

Luffy: Ten minutes. Give me that much time to recover, then I can finish him off. Pinkie swear. Haki has limits apparently. Why wasn't I this rational the other times I wrecked my body?

Gatz: Surprisingly, done. Okay, boys, get him! They're the gladiators who were still on the fence about joining you. Now they have no choice.

Meadows: I'm sorry we got greedy. Can we fight now?

Gatz: Time to get tactical up in here. Half of you with me!

Burgess: I'm still here! The Champion is about to keep his title by killing a man who is too exhausted from fighting someone else!

Gatz: I knew we were forgetting someone.

Sabo: When thine enemy striketh, turn on him his other cheek and striketh first. Looks like Burgess, just got Jesused.