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There is enough material, so I figure why not?

Title: Dibs!

Cover: Why is this hag so friggin' nice!?

Buffalo: Damn this guy!

Franky: That's what you get for stealing my shit.

Buffalo: We didn't steal anything!

Franky: Not my problem. 

Buffalo: This attack is unstoppable.

Franky: Ok, how is that chick not dizzy as all hell?

Baby 8-3: Weeeeeeeeee Sickle Girl! Impale!

Franky: I bet you think you're hot shit now, huh?

Buffalo: Yup.

Baby 25/5: I did just impale your arm, so yeah. 

Franky: You just gave me a new dolly to almost molest. And there was one more thing I forgot to mention.

Buffalo: What was that?

Franky: Yoink! Time to unveil my ultimate attack. Again, kinda stolen, but who cares. Ka...Me...Ha...Me...General Cannon! Suck it jabroni!

Buffalo: All I wanted was to bring a salad back, like boss ordered, but this guy has to fuck it up holy crap you can almost see Baby 5's good stuff.

Franky: Oh, Caesar's over there. Huh, how about that?

Buffalo: We will not lose here. Failing to bring Caesar back means bringing dishonor upon our boss.

Franky: You're talking about the salad, right?

Usopp: NAMI! Break wind to dispel the noxious fumes outside!

Everyone: Freedom! Sunlight! Aaah! It burns!

Buffalo: Shit there's more!

Luffy, Usopp, Chopper: Fangasm!

Marine: Props to whoever made the ethereal look around the robot.



Law: Well, if it isn't the fat guy and the homicidal chick.

Buffalo: Damn it, Law! You traitor! Just for that I'm going to mention a potentially new plot element called the seat of hearts in passing just to piss people off!

Luffy: Friends of yours?

Law: No, enemies.

Nami: Oh yeah, you know shit gonna get real when we go to a panned out shot. Mainies in the foreground, yo!

Buffalo: God I hate reinforcements. We have the salad, so let's bail!

Usopp: Big mistake! Don't you know I'm at my best when facing a fleeing enemy? Especially when they can fly! Teehee, come at me bro.

Law: Would you rather have Usopp take over or me show off a new ability.

Luffy: We get it, you can conjure space and junk. Let someone else have some development.

Nami: We're an alliance, so let's act like one.

Zoro: Allowance?

Nami: That being said, I can't let pointy have all the fun. Besides, my thirst for fighting has only been heightened by all the fleeing. So, let me drink, and drink deep.

Luffy: Nami, you're scaring me...

Nami: Demoralized enemies scurrying away are my favorite.

Luffy: And she's back.

Usopp: I too prefer to prey on the weak.

Zoro: Hurry up.

Usopp: My little piranha plant needs to quench its thirst too. Manja manja!

Baby 4x2-3: Buffalo, I think they're planning something.

Buffalo: That's all you. I gotta drive. So you man the rear.

Baby 5: Something just flew up above us!

Buffalo: Great defense.

Nami: Lightning-chan, play nice with your little friends. And like hell you're getting away. I think you'll find my fighting style to be rather...shocking!

Usopp: Now, let's be a little excessive, shall we?

Baby 5: Buffalo, I can't move. Help!

Buffalo: Don't worry, at least it can't get much worse!

Usopp: Eat rocks, assholes!

Buffalo: I fall corrected

Caesar: Looks like they passed out after getting...stoned. Why the hell does Buffalo have smoke coming out from him? Better question, why am I not falling? Oh right, I'm gas, that means I can fly. Well, I guess I'll just go then.

Usopp: Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you. What's the one thing worse than being in kairoseki handcuffs? Being STRANGLED by kairoseki handcuffs!

Nami: Let the bodies hit the sea, let the bodies hit the seeeeeeaaaaa....

Law: Ok, so we're done with the first part of my plan.

Luffy: That's right, we're awesome.

??????: Shit, I overslept. That's the last time I mix everclear, hi-c, roofies, nitroglycerin, and gasoline. Now...Who am I and where is Punk Hazard? Tune in next week (hopefully) to find out the answer to the first question! The answer to the second question is "over there."

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