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Back by no demand of any kind. 

Title: Going Down in Flames and Style

Cover: I'm robbing this hag!

Baby 5: Nothing like a cigarette after playing a little rough.

Buffalo: Hey, B5, you want these? You might need them.

Baby 10/2: For what?

Franky: Round 2. 

Baby 45/9: Nice try!

Franky: It's disorder time.

Baby 6-1: Time to finish you off with a headshot!

Buffalo: I guess you could call her a, smoking gun.

Franky: That tickles.

Caesar: Thank God I don't have to fight anymore, but can still get even.

Doflamingo: Partner, I reckon you're headed for your last roundup. Can't say it hasn't been fun. We been together longer than any of my other subordinates. Damn it, I promised I wouldn't cry. DON'T CRY, YOU PUSSY! If there's one last thing to say, it's thanks for the laughs. Here's looking at you, kid.

Momonosuke: Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Luffy: Why you crying?

Marines: What the hell's a dragon doing here?

Brook: What the hell's an eel doing here?

Momonosuke: Father, please tell me this is a disguise, or that you're stunned to see me? Or are paralyzed with fright?

Luffy: I get the distinct impression that something is wrong.

Robin: I get the distinct impression something is about to explode.

something explodes.

Robin: Called it.

Tashigi: What blew up?

Law: The SAD production room.

Kid: Rock!

Luffy: MEH!

Law: This tunnel is cut directly through the mountain, so if it collapses, we'll be buried alive.

Usopp: Why aren't you panicking more?

Law: You seem to be doing enough for both of us. Besides, I usually cause panic, but don't partake.

Someone: Shit be blocking the rails!

Zoro: If anyone's gonna impede progress, it's gonna be me!

Monet: So, an explosion happened. It's funny because it's nothing compared to the one i'm about to set off. It's like you said boss, always go out with a bang...and a smile. To all who come to this happy place, welcome, and may all your dreams come true. 

Caesar: Time to die, Smoker! Some people are heartbreakers, I'm a heart STABBER!

He stabs it.

Smoker: Indifference.

Monet: Gak...someone just...royally screwed up....Well, since I'm going to die anyway, I can at least grace the reader with the closest thing to a fully exposed breast they'll see in this manga.

Doflamingo: Bitch, where you at? Bitch? Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!

Kids: Make the roller coaster go faster! Our innocence is crushed enough as it is, we can at least pretend this is a ride.

Smoker: Trafalgar, why did the battered clown think he had my heart?

Law: Oops, looks like I mixed up your heart with Monet's. Then again, Caesar made a mistake too.

Smoker: What was that? 

Law: He trusted me. Like the old saying goes, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. By the way, Luffy, is your dad here?

Luffy: No, why?

Law: I need someone who can control the wind. We have to dispel the gas once we get outside.

Luffy: After eating Sanji's chili I can break wind, does that help?

Zoro: That would make things worse.

Marines: Yeah, right, like we have that kind of plot convenience power at our disposal.

Nami (twirling a tornado on her finger like a basketball): Did someone say dramatically ironic plot convenience?

Law: Bitchin'.

Marines: Can someone here conveniently strike people with just a wave of their hand?....Damn it!

Girl: Grandma, grandpa, Donqui's not in his room. The window's open too. So I think he left.

Grandpa: Damn it, that schmuck is supposed to be grounded. Vhat good is grounding him if he can just leave?

Doflamingo: This mo' fo' can fly, bitches!

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