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Ok, the title basically says it all. There were several things in this chapter that made me think of several other references, so I'm going to point them out in this parody. The scenes here change just as fast as they did in the chapter.

Usopp: Chopper, you're huge!

Chopper: Usopp, does it still look cute when I humbly insult people.

Usopp: You look like a hairy, obese hula dancer. Does that answer your question?

Dosun: And back to business.

Chopper: Oh, how cute, he thinks he's still a threat.

Daruma (lunges at Usopp): Longnose, we still have our fight, remember?

Usopp: Aww, you're so happy to see me you're coming in for a hug. Look darling, I BROUGHT FLOWERS!!!

Daruma: Aaaaaaah!

Usopp: I guess you're allergic. But wait, there's more!!

Daruma: Ok, I went from being attacked by pudgy flowers, to being in the air, and I can't remember jumping...

Usopp: I got a trampoline too! And since I have your attention...

Ikaros: I'm gonna ram right into you with my spike!

Franky: Ok, but at least buy me dinner first.

Ikaros: Solar Flare!

Franky: Dude, I'm wearing shades.

Zoro: You suck. You must be French. I'm out.

Wadatsumi: As long as I stay completely still, you can't see me.

Jinbe: No time like the present.

Zeo: Let's play "everything on this side of the line is made of lava that only fishmen are impervious to"!

Brook: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Broseph needs to, CHILL OUT.


Brook: Next stop, frozen foods. Time to blow in and hopefully blow up some skirts.

Usopp: I got us a puppy too! Just one thing, don't touch its nose.

Daruma (doing just that): Don't touch what now? AAAAAAAH!

Dosun: Spinny spinny! Good thing this is close range or else I'd be dizzy as hell.

Chopper: Chopper smash!

Random Pirate: Ikaros, use Headbutt!

Ikaros: Much! muchmuchmuchmuchmuch!

Franky: I know, I'll rip off two series and use Hyper Beam with a battle cry. (read like Kamehameha) Deus. Ex. Machi. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Usopp and Chopper: AAAH! We're blind! We can't see!

Nami and Robin: Damn.

Franky: Hey Sanji, I just made blackened squid. You'll have to try it later and tell me how it tastes.

Jinbe (looks at his hand): Holy crap I can waterbend. Oh, right. Pig Thunder Chime (one literal translation of buraikan)!

Fishman child (watching Wadatsumi fly): Daddy, look at it go!

Sanji: During my time in hell, I learned about a popular post-apocalyptic look for the planet. Let me show you. SCORCHED EARTH motherfu#%er! I guess the blowfish is cooked. Soup's on!

Zoro: I don't fight frogs, but if you keep insisting...

Hyouzou: I'm a poisonous octopus!

Zoro: Even though I'm an agnostic, I'll use this: Rice Ball Trapped in a Divine Waiting Room Awaiting Salvation!

Zoro: I guess the frog just, croaked.