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This can be very annoying on my part...or some may just not take interest into this. This little blog is about another relation I found in for Doflamingo with real life. I'll just be voicing what I think, so beware that I am not stating facts.

So I was doing some reading into characters' trivia, and I saw that Law's name are references to Napoleon's Battles. Water Law, Battle of Waterloo, I knew this but then I ventured into wikipedia on the Battle's page. It apparently happened in June 18th, 1815. So you also look at Alliance vs Donquixotes...Doflamingo represents Napoleon & shit, while the Alliance is the Coalition. Yes, Water Loo was basically the decisive battle between Napoleon and the seventh coalition.

So then...One Piece comes out Thursday, and in 2015...200 years after the year of the battle, June 18th happens to fall in a Thursday. Chapter 790 was the one published at June 18th, this chapter is the one in which Doflamingo is officialy defeated!! Napoleon was defeated in Water Loo which happened in June 18th!! Doflamingo was defeated at the same date and in the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Water Loo!

This is merely speculation on my part! But should this be put into trivia? Is Oda so genius or what? Sorry if I sound like a die-hard fanboy but this really amused me when I put it all together!